30 Minutes of Faith, Season 1

Alan Fisher
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Bishop Ron Allen
International Faith Based Coalition

Bhavani Girard
Interfaith Minister

Jan Dalske
Sacramento Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

Reverend Jason Bense
Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer

Ramona Goodge
Center for Spiritual Awareness

Harold White
Seventh-day Adventist Church

Jan Merrill
The Bahá’í Faith

Charles DeWatteville
Sacramento Valley Unification Church

Kay Alice Daly
Church of Scientology

David Thompson
The Experience Church

Edrine Ddungu
ICGS Vice President

Brent Adams
President and Founder of Hope Abides

Jean Halston
North Methodist Church and Artist Chair

John Boisa
Jewish Community Relations Council

Father Michael Kiernan
Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

Michael Moran
Spiritual Life Center

David Taft
Youth Connections Unlimited

Monty Johnson
Sacramento Valley Unification Church

Owen Burgess
Technical Director of Sacramento Faith TV

Father James Narithookil
Saint Mary’s Parsh

Margaret Johnson
Disability Rights California

Betsy Reifsnider
Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton

Dr. Irfan Haq
Islamic Community Leader

Rosario Dowling
Regional Director at CA Against Slavery

Imam Azeez
Sac. Area League of Associated Muslims


30 Minutes of Faith, Season 2

David Wechsler Azen
Congregation Bath Shalom

Gary Hamner
The Lutheran Church

Myoho Pulai
Buddhist Monk

Sister Libby Hernandez
Loaves and Fishes

Moe Mohanna
The Moe Mohanna Foundation

Bishop William Weigand
Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

Lloyd Hanson
Growing the Kingdom

Diana Rudé
JCRC Vice President

Sharon Styles
African American Family History Committee

Bea Bailey
A to Z with Bea

Melissa Chapman
Jewish Federation

Arta Monjazeb
UC Davis

Jas Singh Grewal

Gary Gelnette
Grace Rocklin Church

Christine Martin
The Experience

Ron Kaldor
Jewish Federation

Kathy Visher
LDS Musician

Jaqueline von Zwehl
‘The Prayer’ Author

Kevin Ross
Unity of Sacramento

Monique Tarver

Chuck Wysong and Will Derryberry
Life Community Church

Danny Vierra

D. L. Edwards
Connection Church

Dave Wesley
Bayside of South Sacramento

Pastor Matthew Coleman
Destiny Rocklin

Rick Cole
Capital Christian Center


30 Minutes of Faith, Season 3

Philip Goudeau
Calvary Christian Center

Philip Goudeau
Calvary Christian Center, Continued

Michael Walmsley
Waikato Interfaith Council

Mary Wesley
Jericho Orchestra

Leon Brown
Capital City Seventh-day Adventist Church

Ephraim Williams
St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

Beth White
Our Lady of Assumption Parish

Jon B. Fish: Behind the Scenes

Bishop Jaime Soto
Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

Mindi Russell
Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Sacramento

Barry Broad
Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region

Genevieve Shiroma
SMUD Board of Directors

Gordon Orchard
Sacramento Family Search Library

Nick Hope
Holocaust Survivor

Bruce Anderson
Pioneer Heritage Foundation


30 Minutes of Faith, Season 4

Akram Keval
Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento

Christie Young
Christ the King Retreat

Peter Dannenfelser

Richard Hernandez
Outreach Director at St Francis Parish

Chris Baker
Bridge Network

Gary Bond
Bahá’í Faith